Was created to make a difference. Not only in the cannabis industry but the world around us. We create beautiful brands that exude quality while creating tangible change by giving back as each of our brands support a different cause. Quality is something we stand by. We have created patent pending products and brands that ignite your senses while providing an unparalleled user experience. Our team has passion for this Industry and respect for the plant that brings us all so much Joy. Come join the MAHALO Family and lets create real change together.

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Brand new


UrbanSap creates a high end Patent Pending .925 Sterling Silver tipped Pre-Roll that leaves users with an unforgettable experience. From the moment you lay your eyes on the glass tube and hand dipped wax seal you know this Joint is special. We use nothing but top shelf Flower and our hemp papers are imported from France. When you see the UrbanSap logo you can be confident you are buying the best!

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Taste the Difference


Is focused on creating all natural connoisseur grade CO2 and Distillate. Our oil comes in its most raw form no fake terps or additives here. This provides our BigBear family with some of the cleanest, clearest oil around. The BigBear is excited to announce a collaboration with BLANCO to bring you one of the sexiest carts around. Beauty meets function as we combined our signature wood tip with the Pure-Tech all ceramic internal core from Blanco.

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A new Flavor in cannabis

Juicy Joint

The most naturally driven, flavor infused, joint on the market! We don’t let anything touch our joints but all-natural premium Ingredients. We take Premium Flower Infuse it with kief and our proprietary “Fruit Powder”. Load it all into a 100% Organic Hemp Paper that we flew in from France. Then package it in a beautiful recyclable aluminum branded tube. The Juicy Joint is an unrivaled experience that has taken us countless hours to create. Grab a pack now and taste what you have been missing.

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Burst Of Flavor

Juicy Tank

One of the most flavorful, all-natural carts on the market. We take some of the best distillate in the country and Infuse it with all-natural non-solvent based organic fruit terpenes. (None of that synthetic garbage) All that fruity goodness is lovingly filled into our custom, all ceramic internal core cart. We collaborated with Blanco Pure-Tech to bring you an unparalleled vaping experience. Then packaged it all into a collectable aluminum key chain case.

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Purely THE BEST Purely


Is vaping perfected. This is the brand behind the Patent Pending Pure Tech all ceramic internal core cart. We eliminate heavy metals as only ceramic and glass touch our Premium HTE LIVE RESIN. We partner with the best producers in the country and are proud to offer some of the best hardware in the Industry. Nothing compares to the beauty, elegance and function of the BLANCO Pure-Tech vape cart.

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UrbanSap Plants a tree for every product sold


For Every Product Sold We save 5 bees together




Join Blanco in the fight to rid our ocean of deadly plastics and garbage